The Future of Pet Care is Here

Telehealth is one of best enhancements today for veterinary medicine. AccessVet is the best telehealth platform and is free to vets.

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Greater Efficiency, Reduce Stress, Increased Profits

Vets and their teams can treat more patients so they can achieve: greater efficiency, reduced stress and increase profits.

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Telehealth is In-Demand by Clients

Clients want the access and convenience of telehealth. An average of 70% of pet owners surveyed in the US stated they were satisfied with the convenience of a telehealth consult.

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Veterinarian approved, client adored.

Vets love our Free to Vets business model. Clients happily pay a $8.99 technology fee for each virtual consult. Clients crave the greater access and convenience provided by the AccessVet app.

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    Secure, Modern and Efficient

    These are just some of the features available on the AccessVet platform that will set your practice to a new level of care.


    Live Video
    and Audio


    to Vets


    Appointment Scheduling


    24/7 Customer Service


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    Provide Care Right There When they Need it Most

    Our team of veterinary advisors work in and manage practices. They helped create a telehealth platform that has everything you need to conduct successful telehealth consults. Our goal is to help your practice flourish in these changing times and create an environment where your team enjoys what they do and are committed and loyal to your practice.


    Why You Need AccessVet

    Practice and Patient Centric

    Our platform is designed to not only meet the changing needs of today’s Veterinary practice but also your clients and patients


    “I moved from one Boston suburb to another, but I wanted to keep my same vet. My veterinarian suggested using telehealth on the AccessVet platforms for certain issues, rechecks and other consultations that could be managed via telehealth. I love the convenience of telehealth and the fact that I don’t have to drive to the clinic or even take time off from work. The sign-up process for the AccessVet App was very easy and the virtual visits have been great with no problems.”

    Thomas Payton

    “My dog hates to get into the car and does not like being at her vet hospital. We converted to doing certain consults on the AccessVet App that my vet uses and I am thrilled with the service. I don't have the long waits I had at the office and the quality of the video and audio is stellar.”

    Joseph Taylor

    “The AccessVET platform, both for veterinarians and pet parents, is intuitive, easy to understand and navigate, and has an elegant user interface.”

    Chantal Catteeuw
    VP Revenue Technology | Trupanion

    “The registration process for a vet is extremely easy and user-friendly. I was able to create an account in less than ten minutes.”

    Dr. Mark Piechocinski

    “The AccessVet telehealth platform is helping us to reduce stress of our team, and clients, by allowing a vet to work from home one day per month. The work at home vet is able to treat multiple pets via telehealth, many more than he or she would see in a day in the clinic.”

    Dr. Tim Stewart

    “Telehealth consults on the AccessVet platform average about nine minutes. We are able to see more patients in less time and still charge our normal fee.”

    Dr. Mike Buedel

    “Everyday clients are sending me videos and photos. In the past I would reply to these clients and not be paid for the service I provided. Now when I receive a video, I send the client a telehealth consult invite. I am able to gain more insight during the consult, make a better diagnosis, take notes that upload to my PiMS and I am paid for the service I provide.”

    Dr. Bruce Silverman



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