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In this page you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about AccessVet platform.


What type of appointments qualify for a telehealth appointment?

There are a number of symptoms and issues that can be treated using telehealth.

How do clients make a telehealth appointment? Do they need to register for an account first?

A client needs to register for an account. A clinic can send the link via email or text. A clinic will also be sending emails to our database alerting them to this new service which will also include a link for the client to register.

How do we know someone is in the waiting room?

The doctor and the administrator will receive emails and text messages.

What will the client be charged?

The client pays the standard fees as set by the clinic plus $8.99 technology fee for each telehealth consult.

Are there different fees for certain days and times or rechecks?

There is great pricing flexibility in the AccessVet application. The fee structure is determined by each practice.

Can more than one pet be seen in a telehealth appointment?

Yes, a pet owner can register multiple pets for telehealth consults. However, only one pet can be treated per telehealth consult.

What if the doctor wants to prescribe a medication? How does the client get it?

The medication can be received by the client the same way they do with an In-clinic visit.

How does a telehealth appointment get entered into a patient’s medical record?

AccessVet is integrated with the practice management software. The notes taken during the telehealth consult will be uploaded from AccessVet to the pet’s record in our system.

What happens if there is a dropped call? Does the client have to start over again and will they be charged twice?

There is a feature in the AccessVet App. where in the case of a dropped call the client presses a button and they are automatically reconnected with their doctor. They are not charged a second time to be reconnected.

Why are we adding telehealth to our practice?

Telehealth will make us more efficient. A telehealth consult takes only 1\3 of the time of an in-clinic visit so we can treat more patients and make it easier for our clients and pets to be treated. It is also more convenient for many of our clients and less stressful for our clients and their pets.

Why did we choose AccessVet?

AccessVet is very user friendly, easy to use and includes every feature need for us to conduct professional telehealth consults.

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