Easy and Intuitive Tools Built For Modern Practices

AccessVet is an online application that is accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Easy and Intuitive Tools Built For Modern Practices

AccessVet is an online application that is accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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How Does It Work?

AccessVet represents an exciting new technology trend in veterinary care. Using the latest techniques in video conferencing, AccessVet enables your clients to consult with you via desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, complete with video, audio, or text, file-sharing and more, eliminating the need to load up their pets and travel to your clinic for appointments and treatments.

The application is available in two editions. 


for Providers

Used by veterinarians and related pet healthcare professionals for virtual consultations with their clients and pets.


for Pet Parents

Used by pet owners seeking telehealth consultations with their veterinarian, or with someone from their pet’s clinic.


Get Started In A Few Simple Steps

Whether you are a Provider or a Pet Parent, to get started using AccessVet you establish an account through a simple registration process. Pet Parents can register only in response to an invitation sent by the Provider.

Both editions of AccessVet may be used on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets, running the latest versions of Google Chrome on Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

AccessVet for Pet Parents may be used on Apple iPhones running the AccessVet app for iOS.

Both editions of AccessVet may be used on Android phones running the latest version of Google Chrome for Android.

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Pet telehealth via AccessVet create greater efficiency and a better workflow, is uber convenient for you, your clients and patients. 

A telehealth consult on the AccessVet platform takes 1\3 the time of an in-clinic visit. By incorporating AccessVet into your practice you will treat more patients, reduce stress on your team and with your clients and make more money.

Telehealth Use Cases

There are a number of symptoms and issues that can be treated using telehealth.

  • Flea Allergies

  • Behavior Problems

  • Mild Limping

  • Mild Diarrhea

  • Dermatological

  • Eye Issues
  • Rashes

  • Annual Exam with no vaccine

  • Managing\Monitoring Chronic Conditions

  • Nutrition Consulting

  • Behavior Consulting

  • Puppy\Kitten Information Sessions
  • Oral Issues

  • Palliative Care

  • Triage

  • Gait Analysis

  • Post-op Check-in

  • Re-Checks


“I moved from one Boston suburb to another, but I wanted to keep my same vet. My veterinarian suggested using telehealth on the AccessVet platforms for certain issues, rechecks and other consultations that could be managed via telehealth. I love the convenience of telehealth and the fact that I don’t have to drive to the clinic or even take time off from work. The sign-up process for the AccessVet App was very easy and the virtual visits have been great with no problems.”

Thomas Payton

“My dog hates to get into the car and does not like being at her vet hospital. We converted to doing certain consults on the AccessVet App that my vet uses and I am thrilled with the service. I don't have the long waits I had at the office and the quality of the video and audio is stellar.”

Joseph Taylor

“The AccessVET platform, both for veterinarians and pet parents, is intuitive, easy to understand and navigate, and has an elegant user interface.”

Chantal Catteeuw
VP Revenue Technology | Trupanion

“The registration process for a vet is extremely easy and user-friendly. I was able to create an account in less than ten minutes.”

Dr. Mark Piechocinski

“The AccessVet telehealth platform is helping us to reduce stress of our team, and clients, by allowing a vet to work from home one day per month. The work at home vet is able to treat multiple pets via telehealth, many more than he or she would see in a day in the clinic.”

Dr. Tim Stewart

“Telehealth consults on the AccessVet platform average about nine minutes. We are able to see more patients in less time and still charge our normal fee.”

Dr. Mike Buedel

“Everyday clients are sending me videos and photos. In the past I would reply to these clients and not be paid for the service I provided. Now when I receive a video, I send the client a telehealth consult invite. I am able to gain more insight during the consult, make a better diagnosis, take notes that upload to my PiMS and I am paid for the service I provide.”

Dr. Bruce Silverman



    Got Questions? We Have Answers!

    What type of appointments qualify for a telehealth appointment?

    There are a number of symptoms and issues that can be treated using telehealth.

    How do clients make a telehealth appointment? Do they need to register for an account first?

    A client needs to register for an account. A clinic can send the link via email or text. A clinic will also be sending emails to our database alerting them to this new service which will also include a link for the client to register.

    What will the client be charged?

    The client pays the standard fees as set by the clinic plus $8.99 technology fee for each telehealth consult.

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